These companies are helping small businesses adopt the latest tech

Small businesses create two out of three new jobs and generate almost 50 percent of the nation’s GDP. Yet with limited resources and staff, many don’t have access to the new technologies that larger firms can afford, making it harder to compete. For example, the U.S. Small Business Administration says that more than half of the nation’s 28 million small businesses do not have a website or a social media account. Only about half use digital tools to help with their business accounting.

That’s why the SBA has teamed up with leading tech companies such as Business Forward member companies Facebook, Microsoft, and Zenefits, to give startups and small businesses the digital tools that could help them grow and more easily serve their customers and employees.

The newly formed SBA Technology Coalition will conduct workshops and provide resources on a variety topics such as:

  • Customer and client relationship management,
  • Content management and file sharing,
  • Cloud computing,
  • Legal solutions,
  • Online marketing,
  • Operations support, such as payroll, accounting and payment services, and Streamlined updating for benefits and retirement.

With digital tools and resources more readily at their disposal, small businesses will be better equipped to connect with and retain customers, increase productivity, and easily scale their services.

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