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We help business leaders brief policymakers and their communities on the best ways to reform our trade, tax, health care, and immigration laws; modernize our infrastructure and how we educate our children; protect our environment and invest in new energy sources; and adopt a balanced approach to deficit reduction.

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Real solutions need to be put forth to help reduce premiums for healthier people while not reducing quality coverage of less healthy people. State governments also need to stop sitting around hoping that Washington will repeal the ACA, and actually work with the ACA to expand coverage and competition among insurers.

Kyle Brooks, Brooks Food SafetyFredericksburg, VA

Any severity in climate that affects farmers and crops will also affect prices for restaurateurs and ultimately the consumers as well.

Marc Murphy, Benchmarc Restaurants and Benchmarc Events by Marc MurphyNew York, New York

For the U.S. economy to work, the U.S. immigration system has to work.

Don Herring, Don Herring MitsubishiDallas, TX

American competitiveness in the 21st Century is at risk as we continue to under-invest in vital infrastructure: roads and bridges; power grid and generation; ports; internet capacity.

Frank Wells, President, World Power & WaterSaint Petersburg, FL

By investing in clean energy now, we are catalyzing a virtuous cycle that will pay dividends economically and environmentally for years to come.

Jeremy Kalin, Eutectics™Minneapolis, MN

We develop and sell educational software for Autism and learning disabilities. Each time the government shuts down, school districts hold back on purchases not knowing how their budgets will be affected. Our revenues freeze up. From all the mess a couple year ago, we went from 13 to three staff.

Karl Smith, Accelerations Educational SoftwareColumbia, SC

Old-school views of the traditional manufacturing models—lower skilled workers doing the same job for decades—are no longer applicable. Our immigration policies need to allow us to have the best skilled workers to ensure the future of the United States’ economy and economic position.

Greg Norton, President, Twisted RopeBuffalo, NY

Dental lasers are an example of a beneficial medical technology becoming available to more of our fellow citizens via healthcare coverage. We are happy to play our part by creating jobs in the U.S. and proving that innovation and entrepreneurship can bring life-changing and practice-extending technologies to clinicians, even while reducing costs to the healthcare system.

Alexander K. Arrow, MD, BIOLASEIrvine, CA

As we debate how to respond to this new, severe weather, I hope the rest of America will understand just how vulnerable our farms can be.

Jake Braken, Green River Companies Alfalfa FarmGreen River, UT

It’s very hard to hire somebody from overseas to help in my business. I hope immigration reform will address the real challenges small businesses like mine face and improve the process for hiring temporary workers.

Ernesto Almada, Amex Lumber WholesalerSan Antonio, TX

Climate change has cost my software company tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity. We need stronger clean energy standards to address this crisis before it’s too late.

Det Ansinn, BrickSimple, LLCDoylestown, Pa.

Our business relies on trucking for both receiving our material and shipping our material. Our business is growing 200% annually and we receive and send out over 50 deliveries per week. Cutting funding to fix freeways would be a mistake that would cost the state money in the long term.

Carter Hallock, Rethink GreenMartinez, CA

Trade agreements would protect small businesses like mine from having our intellectual property stolen.

Jon Cooper, President, Spectronics CorporationWestbury, NY

As a chef, I worry that extreme weather, like California’s drought, may become the new normal.

Patrick Mulvaney, Chef and Proprietor, Mulvaney’s B&LSacramento, CA

Our policymakers must find a way to make our immigration system more efficient to help more companies and more families, as well as strengthen the United States and Mexico economies simultaneously.

John Kenemore, Battery Concepts International, Inc.El Paso, TX

Our nation must apply our unique creativity to lead the world to a standard of clean energy. The reward is boundless and the consequence of complacency is inexcusable.

Daniel Gregory, Pos-EnFort Collins, COhttps://

Transportation funding is vital in helping the economy get back on its feet.

James Paniagua, Port Solutions LogisticsSan Diego, CA

Our family business sells fire pumps, fire trucks, and emergency response equipment to over 100 countries every year. Trade agreements help us operate on a level playing field in certain countries where tariffs and other trade barriers would otherwise make selling very difficult.

Ryan Darley, W.S. Darley & Co.Newport News, VA

Climate change has caused unpredictable weather and a lot of business interruption for us. It looks to only be getting worse, and leadership doesn’t seem to understand that.

Jeff Cantin, SA ElectricNew Orleans, LA

I know that if more trade agreements pass it will help more small businesses like mine.

Rachel Carson, Helicopter Tech, Inc.King of Prussia, PA

Purchasing confidence was at an all time low last time the government shut down. My business virtually froze in time until things got moving again in Washington.

Ben Haney, DIY PatioOceanside, CA

Establishing strong clean energy standards is the perfect strategy for moving beyond partisan bickering to create a proud legacy for our children and our grandchildren.

Chris D’Couto, Neah Power Systems, Inc.,Bothell, Wash.

Enforcing our boarders is required, but simultaneously we must actively recruit the best to come to the USA.

Dan Gregory, Pos-enColorado Springs, CO

During Hurricane Ike (Houston, Texas), I lost a federal contract because our business had no electricity or phone services and I could not communicate with the contracting officers. Our business operations were totally disabled due to the storm.

Marylyn Harris, Harrland Healthcare Consulting LLCHouston, Tex.

As a start-up company focused on sustainable freight transportation, the U.S. needs to think long-term about how it will stay internationally and nationally competitive, especially when it comes to the nation’s ports–a major component to the national economy that needs to be bolstered and sustained.

Sherwood Egbert, GRID Logistics, Inc.Thousand Oaks, CA

It is very important that the United States participate in and lead trade agreements that deal with issues related to data flow and governance.

Chowdary Yanamadala, ChaologixDallas, TX

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