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Washington, D.C. – Today, Business Forward Foundation published a training manual on the For the People Act. The manual offers guidance for business leaders speaking with local media or elected officials about what the proposed democracy reforms would mean for their small businesses.

“Transparency is a powerful force in business, and we need more of it in government,” said Jim Doyle, president of Business Forward Foundation. “Business leaders are held accountable by stockholders, employees, and customers, and our government should be held accountable by its citizens. The For the People Act would ensure a government that listens to Main Street — not just entrenched, special interests.”

The training manual — How to Talk to a Reporter or Elected Official: the For the People Act — includes three sections. Section one provides policy background and highlights the six main points that small business leaders at our briefings make when discussing what key democracy reforms would mean for their businesses. Section two walks through eight rules for being an effective advocate when talking to reporters, and section three offers best practices for op-eds, letters to the editor, and speaking with your elected officials.

“We have found that members of our network are six times more likely to get an op-ed placed when they write as a business leader than simply as a concerned citizen,” Doyle said. “Small business owners are leaders in their communities, and, when they speak, their employees, customers, neighbors, and competitors listen.”

Making the business case, having a clear opinion, and speaking from personal experience all make for effective advocacy. This training manual is designed to help business leaders communicate clearly and efficiently that the For the People Act is not only good for small business, but is required to level the playing field.

Download the training manual to learn more.  


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