Washington, D.C. – Today, Business Forward Foundation published a training manual, Making the Business Case: Education Reform. It offers business leaders guidance on how to most effectively talk about high school education reform when they speak to local media.

“Business leaders are among the most trusted experts in the room when it comes to K-12 education,” said Jim Doyle, president of Business Forward Foundation. “They know what skills graduates will need to be adequately prepared for the workforce. Our training manuals explain how they can effectively communicate their expertise in order to maximize their impact.”

The training manual covers four common points business leaders make, key facts and statistics about the current state of our education system, and things business leaders should keep in mind when they talk about education reform. It also includes eight rules to follow when talking to local media.

Along with the training manual, Business Forward Foundation released a podcast episode on how to talk about education reform. In the podcast, Ed Meier, senior consultant to Business Forward, asks Jim Doyle about how jobs are changing and the role of education reform in preparing students for the future of work.



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