August 11, 2020

Jana Plat
(202) 861-1270

Washington, DC — Today, Business Forward Foundation issued a survey report featuring business leader comments on addressing remote learning challenges that have arisen during COVID-19. “Business Leaders on the Homework Gap” presents a range of business leader comments and organizes them into seven themes: global competitiveness, future of work, level playing field, rural digital divide, long-term return on investment, individualized learning, and companies get involved & other solutions.

“Business leaders within our network have a stake in how their communities are educating students for the workforce,” said Jim Doyle, president of Business Forward. “Students that receive quality remote instruction will be better equipped to enter the workforce. It’s a way to ensure a long-term return on investment.”

The survey report accompanies Business Forward Foundation’s latest issue brief “Closing the Homework Gap”, which suggests that closing the homework gap is a matter of tackling contributing gaps simultaneously. “To continue their education in a distance learning environment, every student needs daily access to a laptop, broadband, digital literacy, parental assistance, a school offering online curriculum, and teachers who know how to use it,” said Doyle.


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