Washington, D.C. — Today, Business Forward Foundation issued a report on how renewable energy investment creates good jobs throughout the country, with a focus on Midwestern states. Good Jobs, Where We Need Them argues that shifting from fossil fuels to wind and solar sources will help Midwestern communities struggling with population decline and job losses caused by automation.

“The global energy race is over: renewable energy won. As renewable energy investment drives prices down, more communities can profit from ‘buying local,’” said Jim Doyle, president of Business Forward Foundation. “This presents an opportunity for Midwestern states to lead the clean energy transition. For example, 31% of total U.S. wind capacity is in the Midwest, but these states are only capturing 2% of their wind potential.”

“Jobs in the clean energy sector are growing by more than 4% in some Midwestern states, while normal job growth hovers around 1%,” noted Doyle. “Forward-thinking communities can benefit.”

“Clean energy jobs are not just jobs – they’re good jobs,” Doyle added. “Wind turbine technicians and solar installers earn more than the national average.”



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