November 6, 2020

Jana Plat
(202) 861-1270

Washington, D.C.

A record number of Americans cast their votes in this election, and for our democracy to work, all eligible voters must have their voices heard.

Before the election began, Business Forward joined the Civic Alliance, a non-partisan group of businesses committed to protecting the democratic process, recognizing state and local election officials as trusted sources, and ensuring that every vote counts. Our commitment still stands, and we must remain patient as the process unfolds.

Most Republican officials are calling for all legal votes to be counted, but some Republican officials are turning to the courts to shut down the process. It is fundamental to our democracy that every American’s timely vote counts – and there is no basis for legal arguments that claim otherwise.

The work is not yet over, but more votes have already been cast for Joe Biden than any candidate in the history of our democracy: the people have spoken, and their choice is president-elect Joe Biden.



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