Business leaders explain why tolerance is good for business

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Business Forward announced an expansion of its Advisory Board on Inclusion this week. More than 7,000 business leaders have signed on to support efforts to promote tolerance in the workplace, and 230 entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and small business owners have now volunteered to create Business Forward’s Advisory Board on Inclusion. Download Business Forward’s second report from its Advisory Board on Inclusion here.

“These leaders are being proactive, increasing the amount of time they spend training their managers, and communicating with their employees,” explained Business Forward President Jim Doyle. “For them, it’s good business. Companies that embrace America’s diversity attract new customers and better workers. Naturally, they outperform their competitors.”

“Diversity and inclusion are indispensable factors to progress, engagement, and empowerment,” said Dilshad Dayani of the World Women Global Council in New York. “We cannot witness innovation without cognitive diversity and healthy disruption.”

The updated report includes a case study on how President Trump’s rhetoric is hurting higher education enrollment. The one million foreign students attending American colleges and universities contribute nearly $40 billion to our economy each year. Foreign student spending supports about 450,000 U.S. jobs, making higher education America’s sixth biggest service export.

“Diversity is absolutely integral when it comes to fast growing Tech/STEM industries,” said Neeraj Mukhi of Software Catalysis in Herndon, Virginia. “We only stand to improve the quality and impact of our products if the people building them are representative of the user base and reflect the same diversity of demography, culture, life experiences, and interests that makes our community so vibrant.”


Business Forward is making it easier for more than 100,000 business leaders from across America to advise Washington on how to create jobs and accelerate our economy. Business Forward is active in over 125 cities and works with more than 600 mayors, governors, members of Congress, and senior Administration officials.

Business leaders who have participated in our briefings have seen their suggestions implemented in the Affordable Care Act, the JOBS Act, the Clean Power Plan, the Toxic Substances Control Act, three trade agreements, and the President’s budgets. Many have also shared their recommendations with their representatives in Congress and through phone calls, op-eds, and interviews with local media. Ninety-eight out of 100 business leaders who have participated in a Business Forward briefing would be interested in participating in another one.

CONTACT: Elizabeth Kerr