WASHINGTON, D.C. —Business Forward issued a report today outlining “Four Tough Questions About Renewable Energy – And the Answers the Next Governor of New York Should Know.” This report accompanies testimony from 1,100 New York business leaders demanding the state do more to increase clean energy production.

“As the next Governor sets his priorities for the next four years, he should keep in mind that New York imports more than $50 billion in coal, oil, and gas each year,” said Jim Doyle, author of the report and President of Business Forward. “Business leaders across the state want to keep more of that spending here, creating new businesses and hundreds of thousands of new jobs.”

Click here for the reports:

4 Tough Questions about Renewable Energy – And the Answers the Next Governor of New York Should Know 

New York Business Leader Energy Survey Report

Letter to New York Policymakers

“States across the country are investing in renewable energy, particularly solar and wind,” said Doyle. “Prices are down, capacity is up, employment is growing, and investment dollars are flowing.”

The report answers the questions business leaders have been asking at Business Forward Briefings for nearly 10 years.

Can wind and solar compete with fossil fuels? Absolutely.

Is renewable energy reliable? Yes.

Do government energy subsidies work? Yes and no.

Is America still winning on energy? No.

“Innovative, forward-thinking states follow a pattern: Modernize the state’s grid; work with utilities to scale wind and solar; encourage individuals to install solar in their homes; and create community-based models that allow more households to participate. They are training workers to install and service solar panels and wind turbines. They import less oil, gas, and coal, which means they keep more of their energy spending in state.”

Learn more in the full report, available here.


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