For the last eight days, the #EconomicShutdown has been impacting America’s businesses. And business leaders from across the country aren’t staying quiet. This past week, members of the business community have been sending in their stories and voicing their opinions about the situation.

Here’s what they’re saying:

“While this present dysfunction is the fault of Congress, it is important to understand that it is the intended consequence of only a few who put their partisan agenda ahead of the nation’s economy and well being.  Those who chose to do this are no friend of business and we have a long memory.” – Eric P. from Massachusetts

“With each day that Congress fails to act, more businesses will be affected by their reckless behavior.” – Det A. from Michigan

“This government shut down has put the future of my company in jeopardy.” – Jesse G.

“Congress’s inability to come to compromise is preventing business owners from knowing when they should start investing in their own businesses or taking loans to accomplish their goals.  Congress needs to get this resolved as quickly as possible, and certainly before October 17th.” – Thomas P. from Virginia

“After 4 years of impressive growth, the government shut-down has brought us to a standstill – which does not help anyone.” – James B. from Massachusetts

It’s not too late to share your story — how has the economic shutdown been impacting your business?