does for small business loans what does for car buying. It simplifies the process and helps you compare your options.

Type in how much you want to borrow, your credit score, how long you’ve been in business, and when you’d like the loan and Venturize will lay out different possibilities.

The site does not lend money directly or recommend specific loans or lenders, but it does offer resources that help small business owners understand what types of financing may be best for them. Tutorials on borrowing, a loan application checklist, and articles about establishing business demystify the often complex and scary process of getting a loan.

“Venturize was created to ensure small business owners across the country can find fair and affordable loans from responsible lenders that will help them keep their doors open, the lights on, and their customers happy,” said Miti Sathe, senior vice president at Opportunity Finance Network, which created the site.

Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) started Venturize with a $3.6 million grant from Sam’s Club as part of Small Business Economic Mobility initiative, a five-year investment in small business growth through increased access to capital and borrower education.

“When small businesses succeed, economic growth and job creation follow, which is why Sam’s Club and Sam’s Club Giving are committed to creating small business prosperity by awarding grants to national nonprofit organizations that help to increase access to capital and better education for underserved business owners across the U.S.,” said Kathleen McLaughlin, Walmart’s Chief Sustainability Officer and President of the Walmart Foundation, which oversees the Sam’s Club Giving Program.

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