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Since 2009, Business Forward has helped business leaders brief policymakers on the importance of fixing America’s rising health care costs, crumbling infrastructure, outdated tax code, obsolete regulations, and growing climate change risk.

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The real deal…

- President Barack Obamahttps://

One of the most effective partners we have in Washington.

- Penny Pritzker, Former Commerce Secretaryhttps://

…The business case at impressive scale.

- Scott Peters, California’s 52nd Congressional Districthttps://

The real deal…

- President Barack Obama

One of the most effective partners we have in Washington.

- Penny Pritzker, Former Commerce Secretaryhttps://

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Some of the top issues affecting your business.

Robert Roche: “New Mexico is Open for Business”

The state of New Mexico is open for business! The country’s 47th state has always offered affordable land, a talented workforce, a competitive cost of living, reasonable tax rates, and rich renewable energy resources – that’s why I founded businesses here. However, the new Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, is investing…

An Update on the “Trump Slump” in Tourism

In June of last year, we issued our first report on the “Trump Slump” in international tourism, outlining the economic cost of President Trump’s Muslim travel ban, anti-immigrant policies, visa rollbacks, and harmful rhetoric about Mexicans, Muslims, and “shithole countries.” Over the 16 months that followed, the Trump Slump appears…

Want to fix Illinois’s economy? Do more to support working women.

If you care about the economy, start with the math. Women are America’s largest potential driver of economic growth. By simply helping women match men’s labor force participation, we could grow our economy by $1 trillion. After decades of gains, women’s progress in the workplace has stalled. They remain overrepresented…

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