Your Stories are Piling In

Since the shutdown began, business owners from across the country have been sending in their stories, explaining how one small faction of Congress is harming the entire US economy.

The #TeaPartyShutdown has the business community hurting — but business leaders are not staying quiet.

Read what they’re saying, then share your own story.

“The shutdown has put a halt to many of the closing transactions that are affected by the process of paperwork the government usually provides. It has stopped lending for FHA and VA sales…just when we were starting to see some recovery in the real estate industry.” – Marilyn M. from Ohio 

“I am in the process of starting a new business and can not obtain funding for a loan that was already in the final stages of approval. This is reckless conduct and would not be tolerated in any business sector of America. These Congressmen and Congresswomen have no regard for the state of America and should be deemed as treasonous.” – Sandra R. from Texas

“We are an automotive supplier and are in the planning [stage] of new automotive production in the US (outside of Mexico)! As a consequence [of the shutdown], our headquarters in Europe requested to put a full stop on the planning and reconsider Mexico as the location for the new production and financially more stable.” – Walter M. from Michigan

“We deliver home improvement services for customers…who make spending decisions, in part, based upon their current confidence and the associated value in their home. We know consumer confidence is an important matter and the level of this confidence is currently being eroded by certain recent events. The current hostage takings taking place in the US Congress will certainly not help our customers improve their homes nor support our local small businesses. Ask the US Congress to govern for the good of all the American people [and] fully fund the federal government. Our businesses, our families and our economy are all at stake here.” – Linda J. from Washington

“There are some in Congress who would defy democratic process and hold our country hostage. We cannot give in to that, for it will encourage them to repeat their anti-democratic behavior whenever they please.” – Eric G from New York 

Has the political hostage situation in Congress affected your business? Share your story.