With Next Congress Selected, Business Forward Report Outlines Best Path Forward on Health Care Reform

Washington, DC – Business Forward today released a new report, “Health Care Reform: What the ACA Means for the 180 Million Americans with Private Insurance – and What Repeal and Medicare for All Proposals Could Cost Them.” Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), twenty million more Americans have health insurance. As detailed in the Business Forward report, the ACA has also reduced costs for small businesses, increased worker mobility and productivity, and new preventive care should reduce the long-term costs of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

“Our next Congress should put politics aside and focus on improving the Affordable Care Act,” said Business Forward President Jim Doyle. “Business leaders expect a bipartisan effort to protect and enhance the ACA, because the ACA is working – and leading alternatives are too risky.”

The report also highlights the serious risks of alternatives such as repealing the ACA or shifting to a Medicare for All system, under which 180 million Americans would be pushed out of employer-based and other private plans into a government-run, one-size-fits-all program. Under Medicare for All, Congress and the Department of Health and Human Services would decide which services doctors can provide, and it would require a massive tax increase.

“Before we throw out the ACA, let’s remember how little we know about its opponents’ plans to replace it,” said Doyle. “Republicans in Congress have voted to repeal the ACA 50 times, but they have yet to offer a comprehensive alternative. And no one has offered a real budget to pay for Medicare for All or comprehensive guidance on how coverage decisions would be made.”

Business Forward’s report reflects the input from thousands of local business leaders speaking at its briefings, responding to its surveys, and offering testimony for government hearings. These leaders often focus on how the ACA reduces premiums and risk for small businesses, or how it encourages entrepreneurism by helping people switch jobs or start their own businesses.

Elizabeth Kerr


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