We Asked and You Answered: How the #EconomicShutdown Affects Your Business

Earlier this week, we asked business leaders to share how the #EconomicShutdown was impacting their businesses — and they responded.

Business leaders like Barbara R., described how the current shutdown has made it more difficult for her to attract partners and raise capital for not only her business, but also herself  — an aspiring small business owner. 

“The government shutdown has made the current market more difficult for young business owners who are just starting out and working to build up their track record in their respective sectors.”

Brian G., a CEO from Seattle, Washington started his business in his basement and has built his company from the ground up. His company relies heavily on research grants from the U.S. Army, but because of the current economic shutdown, the grants are not being funded.

“I don’t know how I am supposed to operate a business if I cannot depend on the United States Army of all places to meet the requirements of law and provide payments on time.”

In Ohio, business leader Sandra M. expressed her frustrating with the shutdown. 

“The current Republican House actions are having a substantial negative effect on businesses in Ohio. My business is subject to many public/private partnerships at the state and local level. The constant uncertainty about whether people working under these contracts will actually get paid has put at least 20 projects on hold.”

Business leaders know the economic shutdown is hurting the business community.

“The shutdown is a detriment to the American economy and to small business in general,” says business leader, Robert F.

We’re listening — share your views on the economic shutdown today