WASHINGTON, D.C. (November 13, 2018) – Statement on the release of the Institute of International Education 2018 Open Doors report by Business Forward President Jim Doyle:

“The ‘Trump slump’ in higher education is continuing because international students feel less safe and welcome in the U.S. Nearly 7 percent fewer international students began studies in 2017-18 versus the prior year. That’s bad news for American universities, students, and the economy. International students pay more in tuition, pump money into local communities, and fill seats that otherwise would go empty because there are fewer American students enrolling. For decades, we’ve attracted the world’s best talent, educated them, hired them, helped them start new businesses, and created millions of new jobs. President Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and his cuts to work visa programs are driving international students away, at the expense of the U.S.”


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Elizabeth Kerr

Nat Wood