Elizabeth Fairchild


Washington D.C. — Ahead of today’s vote on the Freedom to Vote Act, more than 1,500 small business leaders around the country are demanding their senators support the pro-democracy bill, which would ensure that federal and state governments reflect their vision to increase local investment, create good jobs, and foster equitable economies. 

Business Forward and Common Cause have worked with these businesses to advocate for the bill — and 1,500 small business leaders have written opinion pieces, met with senators, and signed on to several letters in support of protecting and improving American democracy. Jim Doyle, President of Business Forward, explained why: “Small business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs understand the importance of making it easier for their employees to vote. Too often, employees with second jobs, night classes, carpool, and other responsibilities are unable to wait in line for hours to cast their vote.” 

Partly in response to historic voter turnout, state lawmakers across the nation have rushed to propose more than 500 restrictive voting laws that hinder access to the ballot box. “Laws designed to suppress the vote weaken communities and make it harder for those communities to attract investment and create new jobs,” Doyle said. Local business leaders know that their states compete with one another for new investment and jobs, and when companies expand they look for a talented workforce, sound infrastructure, good schools, and a strong community. 

A group of nine senators crafted the Freedom to Vote Act, a compromise version of the For the People Act which upholds the original bill’s central provisions to restore faith in government and trust in our electoral system. Despite opposition from senate Republicans on the landmark legislation, the bill has received bipartisan support from business owners across the country. Read the letters to learn why business backs voting: 

Business Forward:
Freedom to Vote Act Statement

Common Cause:
Letter from Maine Business Leaders
Letter from Georgia Business Leaders
Letter from Arizona Business Leaders
Letter from Alaska Business Leaders



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