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Local business leaders are among the most trusted voices in America.

Their experience dealing with rising health care costs, collapsing infrastructure, outdated schools, and foreign competition should inform nearly everything Washington does.

We help local business leaders host roundtables, submit testimony, publish op-eds, work with local media, and organize Washington fly-ins.

Making the Business Case

When a business leader calls for action, it’s “news”—and Americans, hungry for leadership, are listening. By focusing on the economic costs and benefits of key reforms, business leaders can build the kind of broad community support that can end gridlock.

We Help You Fix Washington By Bringing Washington to You

Because you have a business to run, it can be hard to stay involved in the issues – even the ones that matter most to you, your business, and your community. That’s why Business Forward organizes briefings in more than 125 cities and conference calls that you can attend from your desk. Briefings are short, interactive, and free.

To date, more than six hundred mayors, governors, members of Congress, and senior Administration officials have participated in our briefings. We’ve also briefed two presidents.

Help for Business Leaders Who Want to Do More

Some of the business leaders who participate in our briefings want their advice to go further. They publish op-eds, work with local media, write Congress, submit testimony, or help organize Washington fly-ins. We provide research support, alert you to public comment periods and Congressional testimony opportunities, conduct media trainings, and can help you identify local media covering your issue.

Action that Matters, When it Matters

Because you have a business to run, we try not to waste your time. Through surveys and email alerts, we let you know when a call, letter, op-ed or interview can do the most good.

If you care about climate change and the EPA invites small business owners to testify about climate regulations, we contact you and tell you how to submit your comments. If you care about infrastructure investment and a reporter in your area is interested in talking to a business leader about how to fund local highway improvements, we will ask if you want to comment and teach you the ground rules for talking on-the-record.

Featured Business Leaders

We work with more than 100,000 business leaders across the U.S. Here are a few of them.

You’re Not Alone

Most importantly, we make sure other business leaders are out there with you. One business leader, acting alone, is unlikely to make a difference. But thousands of business leaders, working together, are hard to ignore.

With a network of more than 100,000 local business leaders, we already work with hundreds of business leaders in your congressional district and thousands in your media market. We’re a civic-minded, bipartisan group of entrepreneurs, investors, small business owners, and executives. You pick the issues you care about, and you always speak for yourself, but you’re never out there alone.

Reports and Conferences

To help you get up to speed quickly, Business Forward summarizes comments, questions, and recommendations on your issues from business leaders across the country. We also provide local case studies that demonstrate how global issues (like climate change) or national issues (like underperforming schools) affect businesses across the country.

We also promote your recommendations with the general public, through research reports, earned media, events, and conferences.