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More than 70 percent of the world’s purchasing power and nearly 95 percent of consumers live outside the United States.

As the global supply chain becomes increasingly more interconnected, international trade is becoming a larger part of the market share for businesses of all sizes.Trade agreements and technological advancements are opening up new markets to exports.

In Washington, both parties are calling for tougher, more modern approach to free trade agreements—one that emphasizes IP, currency, and labor provisions that have a disproportionate effect on American manufacturers, services firms, and tech companies. With NAFTA under re-negotiation, KORUS under review, and new trade deals with Japan and the UK underway, local business leaders have an extraordinary opportunity to influence the next generation of trade laws.

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Business Leaders on International Trade

It is very important that the United States participate in and lead trade agreements that deal with issues related to data flow and governance.

Chowdary Yanamadala, SVP,Chaologix, Dallas, TXhttps://

A key to expanding any business is finding more customers.

Kimberly Benson, Vice President, Cange International,San Diego, CA

I know that if more trade agreements pass it will help more small businesses like mine.

Rachel Carson, President & CEO, Helicopter Tech, Inc.,King of Prussia, PA

Trade agreements help us operate on a level playing field in certain countries where tariffs and other trade barriers would otherwise make selling very difficult.

Ryan Darley, International Sales Manager, W.S. Darley & Co.,Newport News, VA

International trade agreements will make it much easier for small businesses like mine to do business abroad, increase revenues, and hire more workers.

Susan Jaime, Ferra Coffee,San Antonio, TX

As a small business, we are always looking for new ways to expand.

Russ Monk, Director of Operations, High Impact Technology,Portland, OR

Right now we do face challenges with selling our products in other countries

John Hartnett III, Vice President, Global Business Development, Endoscopy Replacement Parts, Inc.,Newberry, FL

Trade agreements would protect small businesses like mine from having our intellectual property stolen.

Jon Cooper, President, Spectronics Corporation,Westbury, NY

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