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Local business leaders participating in Business Forward briefings rank health care as their top concern year after year.

Health care costs have made it harder for companies to raise wages, made our exports less competitive, discouraged workers from switching to better jobs, and crowded out government spending on education, infrastructure, and other priorities. The Affordable Care Act brought tens of millions of Americans into health insurance markets, addressed the problem of pre-existing conditions, and slowed health care inflation.

Business leaders participating in our briefings offer specific, non-partisan, market-tested solutions. Local business leaders can keep health care reform on track.

Business Leaders on Healthcare and Other Benefits

For a small business like ours, providing health care is a major expense. We support the Affordable Care Act and any efforts at health care reform, such as negotiating lower prices for prescription medicine.

Annalisa Peace, Executive Director, Greater Edwards Aquifer AllianceSan Antonio, TXhttps://

The Affordable Care Act may need some careful revision, but in no way should we completely dismantle the Act. The Affordable Care Act takes us in the right direction. What we need next is to work on lowering the cost of health care.

Christopher Meyer, Principal, Asia GlobalOrange County, CAhttps://

My concern with Medicare for All is that when government gets involved, you don’t know what is going to happen. Everyone should have health insurance. When Congress starts to make the choices, I get concerned.

Linda Mensah Owner, C&L Catalyst, LLCArlington, VAhttps://

My employees and I want to focus on our work. We don’t want to expend our creative energy wondering whether our pre-existing conditions will be covered, how we’ll bargain with insurers, or rearrange our finances. Under the ACA, those worries have lessened.

Hannah Banks, Architect, Harrison-BanksNewton Center, MAhttps://

Without pre-existing coverage, we cannot move or do anything that would require [my wife] to change her current coverage. That hinders my career growth potential and my family’s well-being.

Jeremiah Means, Compliance Manager, LSIDAHO Inc.Boise, IDhttps://

Healthcare is very important for retaining skilled and capable employees. Congress and the Administration should keep costs as low as possible.

Cecilia Tavera-Webman, Realtor AssociateMiami, FLhttps://

Being able to offer affordable healthcare lowers the barriers to small businesses competing with mid to large sized businesses.

Oscar Lawson, ConsultantBowie, MDhttps://

Obamacare saved my life. I had insurance for five weeks, after six years without it, before I found out I had breast cancer. What would I have done if I’d found out I had cancer and I didn’t have insurance? Thank god for the ACA. I live in fear that the administration will repeal the ACA.

Peggy Dold, CEO, Navigation Partners, LLCMount Juliet, TNhttps://

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