Conference call: Neal Katyal on Rule of Law and Impeachment

On Wednesday, January 15, Business Forward Foundation welcomed former Acting Solicitor General of the United States Neal Katyal for a conference call on the facts and legal theories behind the impeachment of President Trump, as well as other threats to rule of law in the U.S. We will upload a link to the podcast shortly.    

Training Webinar: How to Talk About Immigration Policies

On Wednesday, November 20, Jim Doyle, President of Business Forward, leads a training webinar on how to talk to local media and advocate online for immigration policy. Doyle uses examples from our new report Answering America: The Business Case Against Trump's Agenda.  Business leaders are some of the best messengers to explain how restrictive immigration policies are bad for business, property values, pensions, and Social Security. As the administration continues to propose restrictive...

Conference call: Doug Rand on the Department of Homeland Security’s “public charge rule”

On Friday, October 11, the Business Forward Foundation was joined by Doug Rand, Senior Fellow and Director of the Technology and Innovation Initiative at the Federation of American Scientists, and co-founder of Boundless. Rand discussed the Department of Homeland Security's "public charge rule" that will go into effect next week. He talked about the rule's negative impact on businesses and how it reduces the talent pool availability to U.S. employers, imposes substantial paperwork burdens on...

Solutions 2020: Brief Governor Steve Bullock

On Tuesday, September 17, Business Forward welcomed Montana Governor Steve Bullock for a Solutions 2020: Real-world Recommendations for the Next President conference call. Governor Bullock discussed his 2020 agenda for growing our economy and improving economic opportunity.     Read the recap here.

Solutions 2020: Small Business Working Group #2

On Tuesday, July 16, Business Forward welcomed Michael S. Barr, Dean of the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan for a Solutions 2020 Policy Working Group call on small business. This is the second of the Solutions 2020 Small Business Policy Working Group series. This call focused on consumer protection for small businesses.  

Solutions 2020: Future of Work Policy Working Group

On Tuesday, June 25, Business Forward welcomed Al Fitzpayne, Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative, and Massachusetts State Senator Eric Lesser, for a Solutions 2020 Policy Working Group call on the future of work. This is the second of the Solutions 2020 Future of Work Policy Working Group series. On this working group call, policy experts and business leaders outlined the future of work challenges facing our country and begin discussing policy solutions. This...