Business leaders bring a results-oriented approach to health care

Yesterday was the deadline for individuals to purchase health insurance coverage during the open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act. The White House announced that it would grant extensions to those who began the process, but are unable to finish by Monday, and to those who recently experienced a qualifying life event, such as losing coverage, having children, or getting married.

The employer mandate, which requires businesses with 50 or more full-time employees to offer health insurance, remains eight months away. The Administration has signaled that it will soon shift its focus to the small business marketplace.

Business leaders have said they appreciate the Affordable Care Act’s focus on innovation and competition. Earlier this month Business Forward brought business leaders to Washington from throughout the country to brief White House and Department of Health and Human Services officials on ways to encourage innovation and use new technologies to improve America’s health care system.

Business Forward President Jim Doyle summed up the event: “Business leaders bring a results-oriented approach to health care. They don’t agree with each other or the Administration on every point when it comes to health care policies, but they understand innovative solutions are the best ways to reduce employer’s costs.”

Here’s a bit of what leaders said about the Affordable Care Act at the March briefing:

“The ACA is driving organizations to invest in technology that leads to better care, lower costs, and improved outcomes. These efficiencies will ultimately lead to a healthier America,”

—Mark Bakken, CEO of Nordic Consulting, Madison, WI

“It’s encouraging to see this Administration engaging with leaders from a broad spectrum of health care companies…HHS is on the right track with initiatives like that empower companies like ours to bring innovative products and services to market using government data.”

—Andrei Zimiles, CEO of, located in New York, NY

Alexander Arrow“Dental lasers are an example of a beneficial medical technology becoming available to more of our fellow citizens via healthcare coverage. We are happy to play our part by creating jobs in the U.S. and proving that innovation and entrepreneurship can bring life-changing and practice-extending technologies to clinicians, even while reducing costs to the healthcare system.”

—Alexander K. Arrow, MD, President & COO of BIOLASE, Irvine, CA

Myechia Minter-Jordan

“As a health center leader, our voice is critical in discussions that influence health care reform. Health centers are the backbone of our health care system-serving the underserved and most vulnerable.”

—Myechia Minter-Jordan, MD, President & CEO of The Dimock Center, Roxbury, MA

Roy Schoenberg“The Affordable Care Act is making care more affordable by bringing health insurance to all Americans. To fully realize the vision, we need to give them greater access, as well. It’s time to embrace modern technology to bring healthcare home.”

—Roy Schoenberg, MD, CEO of American Well, Boston, MA