Bloomberg Businessweek: “Republicans Are No Longer the Party of Business”

Business Forward Small Business Advisory Council member and CEO of Chattanooga’s Smart Furniture, T.J. Gentle, recently spoke with Bloomberg BusinessWeek about the economic shutdown. Here’s what he said. 

“It’s as if House Republicans are playing suicide bomber with the U.S. economy. As a businessman, it defies all reason and logic.”

On the Federal Housing Administration furloughing its’ employees:

“That directly affects the construction and materials industries, but it also affects us, since the purchase of a new home is the No. 1 trigger for buying furniture.”

“Every second the shutdown continues pushes a delicate recovery closer to a recession.”

“When talk of a shutdown first began, the perception among businesspeople I know was that this was just Washington being Washington again. Now they’re saying, ‘This is really getting in the way of operating my business.’ The business world is hard enough without Republicans making it even more difficult. It’s just ridiculous.”

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