Statement from Jim Doyle


Jana Plat
(202) 861-1270

May 23, 2019, Washington, DC—Jim Doyle, President of Business Forward, released the following statement after 47 House Democrats called for a bipartisan process to reach consensus on net neutrality legislation:

“We’re encouraged to hear that so many House Democrats are working to finish the job on net neutrality.

“The bill passed last month in the House was an important step forward, but the only way we’ll pass a net neutrality bill this year through both houses is through bipartisan compromise. Without a bipartisan solution, we guarantee two more years of gridlock that leaves consumers and small businesses vulnerable.

“Business leaders in our network consider a meaningful solution for net neutrality a top priority for Congress — more important than cybersecurity, data privacy or broadband access. More than 1,000 business leaders have called on Congress to approach net neutrality and privacy in a bipartisan way.

“We hope today’s letter marks a turning point in that direction.”


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